SM-15 Analog Swing Away Press



Pressure Generation manual
Heat Platen Dimensions (W x D) 15×15 in
Max Substrate Thickness 1 ¾” in
Voltage 120 V
Max Current Draw 12.5 A | 7.5 A
Max Heating Power 1500 W| 1650 W
Temperature up to 400 °F

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SM-15 Analog Swing Away Press

The SM-15 Analog Swing Away Press will go to work for you. Like your most trusted employee, this machine is designed to provide high performance with a long lifespan. The SwingMan analog series is the best and most economical in its class and is the number 1 choice for small format sublimation businesses.

With unlimited application options ranging from garment transfers to dye-sublimation printing, applications are virtually unlimited. Recognized as one of the most reliable small format swing-away heat transfer presses on the market, the HIX SwingMan analog series packs a lot of punch.

At the heart of the SwingMan is a lifetime guaranteed cast-in heating element with a swing-away design that keeps the hot surfaces away from your hands and arms.


*heat indicating light notifies when press has reached set temperature
*applies transfers to items up to 1 ¾” thick
*separate digital timer included
*full-range temperature control to 400°F
*CE certified and lifetime warranty on heating element

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