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EconoSub™ - Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl

Our sublimation vinyl is the perfect material for all creative projects. EconoSub HTV is available in multiple different styles to add a unique look and feel to your sublimated designs, from EconoSub Vinyl for the look of a standard HTV, to EconoSub Satin for a sleeker and shinier appearance. EconoSub HTV is designed to be used with sublimation before being adhered to your desired material, this means that you have the versatility that sublimated designs offer with the limitation of needing a light colored polyester garment. Now you can press your full color sublimated designs onto everything from dark colors, to 100% cotton garments, or whatever else you would use HTV for with EconoSub HTV!

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  • economask clear (copy)

    EconoMask Clear High Tack

  • Roll of white adhesive paper on white background.

    EconoMask Clear Low Tack

  • Three blank white paper sheets on table.

    EconoSub 12″ Wide Sheets HTV

  • Roll of white heat transfer vinyl in box.

    EconoSub Block

  • Roll of heat transfer vinyl on box.

    EconoSub Satin

  • EconoSub Sublimation Fabric

  • Heat transfer vinyl roll in packaging.

    EconoSub Sublimation Flock

  • Roll of heat transfer vinyl in packaging.

    EconoSub Vinyl HTV


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The 10% Off (EconoSilver) and 20% Off (EconoGold) Membership Programs of Econotransfer Company Inc. provides exclusive pricing and deals to those who purchase a Membership. Memberships from Econotransfer are for the low monthly cost of $10 (EconoSilver) or $20 (EconoGold) and give access to products on the website earlier than to other retail customers and allows them to receive 10% Off (EconoSilver) or 20% Off (EconoGold) of all heat transfer vinyl material excluding items that are on sale. Throughout the year we will run various promotions that are exclusive to members.