EconoPuff™- Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

EconoPuff by Econotransfer is sure to impress anyone who sees it on your garments. Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl you can bring a new dimension to your designs by adding a 3D effect. This incredible HTV is designed to expand upward with the heat and pressure of your heat press giving you a new smooth texture and adding lots of visual interest. EconoPuff will remain extremely light and flexible after it is puffed meaning there is no compromise to movement of the garment or your comfort. Available in 38 different colors our selection is sure to have what you need for any project. It doesn’t matter if you call it Puff Print, Puffy Vinyl, or 3d Puff Vinyl, when you need Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl look no further than EconoPuff by Econotransfer and level up your designs.

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  • apple green econopuff htv

    Apple Green EconoPuff HTV

  • black econopuff htv

    Black EconoPuff HTV

  • blue econopuff htv

    Blue EconoPuff HTV

  • burgundy econopuff htv

    Burgundy EconoPuff HTV

  • camel econopuff htv

    Camel EconoPuff HTV

  • caramel econopuff htv

    Caramel EconoPuff HTV

  • cherry econopuff htv

    Cherry EconoPuff HTV

  • dark grey econopuff htv

    Dark Grey EconoPuff HTV

  • Deep Sea EconoPuff HTV

  • dragonfruit econopuff htv

    Dragonfruit EconoPuff HTV

  • EconoPuff HTV Sample Pack

  • eggplant econopuff htv

    Eggplant EconoPuff HTV

  • gold econopuff htv

    Gold EconoPuff HTV

  • green econopuff htv

    Green EconoPuff HTV

  • grey econopuff htv

    Grey EconoPuff HTV


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