EconoGlitter™ - Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

EconoGlitter HTV is the perfect material for anyone looking to add sparkly shine and vivid colors to their garments. Our specialty glitter heat transfer vinyl is designed to be durable meaning it won’t shed when it is worn or washed. Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl can be used on everything from Uniforms, dance apparel, occasion shirts for parties, and for regular garments to make them stand out. 

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  • aqua econoglitter htv

    Aqua EconoGlitter HTV

  • black econoglitter htv

    Black EconoGlitter HTV

  • black gold econoglitter htv

    Black Gold EconoGlitter HTV

  • blue econoglitter htv

    Blue EconoGlitter HTV

  • brown econoglitter htv

    Brown EconoGlitter HTV

  • burgundy econoglitter htv

    Burgundy EconoGlitter HTV

  • cherry econoglitter htv

    Cherry EconoGlitter HTV

  • copper econoglitter htv

    Copper EconoGlitter HTV

  • dark green econoglitter htv

    Dark Green EconoGlitter HTV

  • dark purple econoglitter htv

    Dark Purple EconoGlitter HTV

  • deep pink econoglitter htv

    Deep Pink EconoGlitter HTV

  • EconoGlitter HTV Sample Pack

  • emerald econoglitter htv

    Emerald EconoGlitter HTV

  • fools gold econoglitter htv

    Fool’s Gold EconoGlitter HTV

  • gold econoglitter htv

    Gold EconoGlitter HTV


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